Saturday, 20 June 2009

You've got Tag!

Yes,I'm doing this.Getting a lil bored frm studying,so ya'think I shud take a break?I do! =P Tagged by ZePrincessita aka. Lyanne(Hi babe!).Here goes,me first tag. =)

1. Besides your lips, where is your other favourite spot to be kissed?


2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
:: feel like I don't wanna get up!

3. Who did you last take a photo with?
:: umm..can't quite recall.I'm guessing Wanyin?or menghon?

4. Would you consider yourself spoiled?
:: a lil..hehe *winks*

5. Will you ever donate blood?
:: YES!

6. Have you ever had a best friend whom was of the oppposite sex?
:: best fren?very very very very close close close fren considered?yes then.

7. Do you want someone to be dead?
:: nopz.

8. What does your last text message say?
:: "We have a truly beloved Father.All good in Kch."

9. What/Who are you thinking about right now?
:: I'm hungry.I'm hungry.I'm hungry.......

10. Do you want someone to be with you right now?
:: not really.being alone now is good.

11. What time did you go to bed last night?
:: not so sure.2,3am??

12. Where did you buy the top you're wearing right now?
:: cant remember!so long ago....

13. Who was the last person to text you?
:: my dad

14. List out TEN people.

1. Elly-the-so-funny
2. My Meryll
3. Mk
4. Menghon
5. daveena
6. Carol T
7. Eleanor
8. Grace GOH!
9. Ruff
10. Raenai

15. Who is 2 having a relationship with?
:: jonathan!

16. Is 3 a male or a female?
:: M

17. If 7 and 1 got together, would it be good?
:: together as in together bf/gf??then NO!cant b lesbos.El's got a bf anyway.hehhe

18. What is 1 studying about?
:: Information Science..smth like dat.Bout info thingy.

19. When was the last time you chatted with them?
:: sum few wks ago,sum few days ago,sum yesterday.

20. Is 4 single?
:: NO.veryveryvery much NOT single =)

21. Say something about 2.
:: frens since sunday sch,since we were reli reli cute lil kids.we're still cute now,though.*hiaks*

22. What do you think about 3 and 6 being together?
:: nopz..cant..carol's got a bf.haha and no.just cz.....

23. Describe 1.
:: She's caring,loving,so FUNNY!!I love her!

24. What will you do if 6 and 7 fought?
:: OH NO!!wouldn't want that!

25. Do you like 8?
:: LIKE???i love her!i'm missing her!

1. Name five people you're tagging.

1. elly
2. meryll
3. menghon
4. daveena
5. raenai

2. Describe yourself in one word.
:: weirdy-loudish-sharp-straightforward

3. Who would you pick, someone who really loves you or the one you love?
:: umm..must haf both ler.

4. Have you ever loved someone before but never had the courage to tell them?
:: nops

5. What would you do if you got rejected face to face?
:: whoa....i'll b oh well,just b frens after that then. =)

6. God is giving you just 5 more minutes before going back to Heaven. IF you love someone special, what would you say to that special someone?
:: sori for hurting you,sori if i wasnt making u feel happy.I Love You.

7. What would you say to someone who doesn't want to believe you?
:: "fine.dont wanna believe,dont"..then whn wat i said comes true..."see?I told u!!!"

8. Was there ever a time when you tried to love someone?
:: i didnt.

9. Do you have something special with you all the time?
:: yeaps.

10. Long distance relationship?
:: i'm ok wif it. =)

11. Best place to cry?
:: lyin dwn on my bed,agaisnt the pillow

12. Who do you love the most?
:: alot!

13. Tell us about your dream last night.
:: no dreams last nite.had a good deep sleep

14. Ever hated someone so bad?
:: yes,before.but not anymore.I've grown =D

15. The biggest and most hurtful lie you've heard?
:: "It's true.I dont wan this to happen but it happened.I couldnt do anything...."..yearite~

16. The last person you had a beer with?
:: so so so so cant rmbr.i don like beer.

17. The last person you went to the movies with?
:: elisa,maha,saras,blablablabla...there were many of them

18. The last person you talked on the phone with?
:: mm

19. The last person you hugged?
:: sarah

20. The last person you yelled at?
:: no1

21. In the last week, have you kissed someone?
:: cheek counts yea?sarah then.

22. Think of the last time you were angry. Why were you angry?
:: cz sum1 was being reli annoying and egocentric.

23. If you could do anything, what would you do?
:: travel and meet everyone ard the world.and help them,mayb even touch their lives

24. If you could have an all expense paid trip, where would you go?
:: the whole of europe!!

25. Are you old-fashioned?
:: in certain things

26. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
:: food!!!!!!!

27. Five facts about you.
:: i think alot.i wanna try to see things in ppl's view.
:: i still believe that I'm so so gonna achieve much more greater things!excited!!
:: i love my true frens very much!!but I still love other frens too.hehhe
:: I'm so so straightforward till it's both my strength and dwnfall.
:: I love food!!!and gym!!!hehhe ;P

28. Five things that scare you.
:: parents leaving this world
:: that I wont achieve wat I want.ugh.
:: whn my imagination run scarily wild of ghosts,spirits pulling my feet dwn frm my bed
:: n/a
:: n/a

29. Two songs that has been playing in your head lately.
:: Taylor Swift's White Horse.
:: Shinedown's Sumtime Goodbye is a Second Chance

30. Five things you treasure in your life.
:: the life I live
:: an understanding relationship
:: true frens and family
:: happiness,full of laughter!

Friday, 19 June 2009

A Neuro-Testimony

Remember my neurology exam I posted up few posts before this??So yea,the result came out today!!

AND I PASSED OVERALL!!!All thanks to MY PAPA J!!MY ROCK!!!Not because of me.Not my books.Well,fine..abit of me,abit of them books and abit to my frens.*hiaks!*BUT.........


I've mention before that I reli,reli,reli didnt do well for my basic neurology exam rite..and I was reli worried that I wouldnt pass my neurology exam and had to come bck to Bali in the midst of my sem break.Think of how much my parents gotta spent on the extra return flight tickets and on immigration documents,especially whn I'm taking two flights to go back to Kch.Did I mention that every student studyin in Indonesia has to spent extra money?A minimum of Rp350,000 to get out of Indonesia for some re-entry permit + airport tax?I didnt???well,now you knw. =.='''

So anyhu....Results came out today and I PASSED!I prayed to God the whole time asking for a miracle that I'll get more than 80%,preferably 82%,for my clinical neurology exam to enable me to pass overall. A miracle because...well,ashamed to say this,but,I rarely get more than 80% in my theory exams..not never.just rarely.RARE. =S

But God answered my prayer!wootwoot!!I've prayed for 82%.And He gave me 82% for my clinical neuro!!Not more,not less.EXACTLY what I prayed for. Some of you would be thinking rite now "SO what??You didnt get more than that!And clinical neuro was freakin EASY!!!LOTSA ppl passed and got better overall results than u!!You sure its because of ur prayer??"
So what??I prayed for that,I GOT THAT!And I'm not comparing myself with others!I only wanted to pass overall!since I did reli reli bad in my basic neuro,I just wanted to pass!Got a 72% overall.And besides,thru that period,I've learnt something*wink*

The whole period from before the clinical exam till today,I've learn to TOTALLY trust God.Not 30%,50% or even 80% trust.I've learnt to trust in the Almighty God 100%!!Wasn't easy for me to do that since I always had doubts in my exams and relied in my own strength,my own capacity.We,as humans,ALWAYS tend to do and see things in our own perspective,no?A person who always rely on herself and in her opinion..sure is difficult to fully trust and rely on God sumtimes.

But it's through that time I finally understand and experience the true meaning of TOTAL 100% TRUST in GOD. To trust without doubt, without internal conflict,without negative thoughts constantly running thru ur mind.But instead have peace and leave it in His hands that God will bless me with what I prayed for.

I just wanna encourage u guys.If there's anyone of u feeling that at this moment,achieveing that goal or dream u've always wanted seems so so far-fetched,don't be afraid or worried.It's hard but do not let the negativity control your mind and emotions.I knw it's so easy to think negatively bout everything.But looking on the bright side of things and havin hope is what helps u thru the stress.But most importantly,"FIX YOUR EYES ON HIM" and continuously pray with total trust. Our God is a BIG GOD and he NEVER fails his children. Sumtimes what we asked for don't happen according to our way,but that doesnt mean good things ain't gonna happen.THings happen for a reason and things happen according to GOd's timing.Be patient. =)
Our Lord's thinking is way way larger than how we think because He sees the BIG picture of things in our life.We don't.We,humans,onli focused on the problem and the stained black dots in our life.

So there,do not be afraid to have BIG dreams and BIG goals. Come to Him and He'll always guide you thru to achieve them!


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Gambier Street Demolition??

I was checking my fb account yesterday,and received a msg frm someone concerning The Gambier Street Esplanade.Even reading the title annoyed me. I was(wait.I still am)so friggin disappointed to find out that Kuching goverment is gonna demolish Gambier Street Market.wth..!!??

Demolish the market and make it into an explanade? I do admit having that market there does cause traffic problems,but I reli disagree in demolishing it.It is after all one of the oldest buildings there!It shud b preserved as one of Kuching's historical buildings. The government really shud have come up with other solutions if it's because of the traffic problem and the cleanliness.But not replace it wif an esplanade! Certain rules on the "loading and unloading" as well as the traffic could be enforced. One of the problem was Kuchingites parking their vehicles haphazardly whrever they want,even to the extend of having 2or3 lanes in the so-called narrow road,causing massive traffic jams. That's not the market's fault!It's the drivers' faults.Well,enforced some laws on that then!Not demolish the market! And if it's bout cleanliness,hire cleaners for that area!Rather than spending RM7 million for the esplanade project,might as well use it to clean the area!Use competent traffic police to help the traffic flow so that drivers wont double,no I mean,triple-parked their vehicles!

I read this article a few minutes ago:"KUCHING: The transformation of the former wet market at Gambier Street into an esplanade, an extension of the existing waterfront, will begin this month.Kuching City North Commission Datuk Bandar Mohamad Atei Abang Medaan said the tender for the RM7 million beautification project has already been given out.“Hopefully (it will be) completed by the end of the year. The beautification process is quite slow, but what we need to put up first are the facilities,” he told reporters here yesterday."

Yes.Beautification.So they're gonna "beautify "the place by extending Waterfront area and planting TREES.Like as if Waterfront isn't long enough for people stroll along.wait,more like teens to date around.And ooooo...Beautify them wif trees.How pretty. (=.=)''' Fine maybe it's a good way for tourists to enjoy strolling along Waterfront.But come on!Is the experience of walking along the new extended waterfront pathwayany different frm the walks in the paths before that??There are many others besides me who are really unsatisfied with this motion of demolishing Gambier St. Market. Actions to so-call "pujuk" our beloved government were done before the decision were officially finalised.Yet the gov didn't even bother.Petitions were going around through the net, Photography competitions of the area were done organized by many parties including the Architectural society, and so forth. These were done so that Gambier St. Market would be one of the historical landmarks in Kuching.Well,for starters,it's been thr for a very very very VERY long time. Places like this should be PRESERVED!Not demolished and b replaced by trees!!I'm not denying that modernisation is great and I'm all up for it,but tearing down one of the oldest areas in Kuching and replacing it with trees is officially an insult!Definitely could be one of Kuching tourists spots to walked ard. Westerners haf never seen wild veges and othr produce frm Sarawak rite?Those could be used as promotions,just need to make them more interesting and "out-there"Anyway...the people has spoken!!!But sadly,NOT HEARD!!!
So the hawker stalls and those who works at the market are now relocated to Stutong Market.Plain "newer" boring market.Not in town,not in areas where there's tourist walking about.Nothing.

Hmm......I'm so disappointed bout this.I never thought I'd be so hyped up bout things in Kuching.Let alone about a market I rarely go to.Heck,I suck big time at History lessons in school yet I think it should be a historical landmark.

Y'all think its one of those projects so that "certain parties" could gain extra income and use it for personal reasons??I do.Very much think so.Very.

It's sad to see historical "antique" buildings you've seen your whole life but never really appreciate it ,destroyed.It's gonna be gone...forever.

As of June 15,demolition project has started.

Imagine,bricks and pillars,roofs and floors,"saw" years and years of lives/lifestyles/incidences/wars...heck,maybe even James Brooke passing by the building itself. And if they could speak,they would tell us wonderful stories of how people lived before.And if they could speak,right now....they''re shouting "NO!DONT DESTROY US!",while crying.

"This is destroying "living" proof of history.Murdering evidences of parcels of Kuching's historical area."

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Genital Stage

As I read my notes on "Psychosexual Development",cant help but say this.

Six stages in the human psychosexual development:
--> Oral Stage
--> Anal Stage
-->Urethral Stage
--> Phallic Stage
-->Latency Stage
-->Genital Stage

So these are the stages any human will go through from birth till he/she reaches adulthood.

Now in the Genital Stage-From when puberty starts till I reach young adulthood. I AM a young adult. :S

Genital Stage- The physiological maturation of systems of genital(sexual) functioning and attendant hormonal systems leads to and intensification of drives, particularly libidinal drives. This stage produces a REGRESSION in personality organization,which REOPENS CONFLICTS of the stages before it and provides OPPORTUNITY for a RERESOLUTION of these conflicts,to enable a person to achieve a MATURE sexual and ADULT identity. The objective of this stage: ULTIMATE separation from dependance on and attachment to the parents and the establishment of MATURE,NONINCESTUOUS object relations.

This kept me thinking...means that all those attitude and problems I have,which are not solved yet,I still have time to change and solve it NOW!It's not too late!

Relationships with family and people around me..I can make them better,and have the courage to just open up and not just bury them all inside me till they're all buried so deep and I cant cover them anymore. I gotta go thru this stage without any fixation....."To achieve a mature sense of personal identity and acceptance and the integration of sets of new adult roles and functions".

No wonder I cant keep everything inside and just take it in...It's changing me..not in a positive manner. I need resolution of all fixations.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

4th Wedding in Bali

DATE: 06.06.2009
PLACE: Jendela Bali,GWK Cultural Park,Bali

OCCASSION: The day when Vanro and Ratna were officially pronounced as husband and wife!!!yay!!!

I was browsing through the net to look for pics of GWK for u guys to see and I found this!!--->

Their wedding was featured in GWK's own website! =D GWK is actually one of the tourist spots in Bali.And the view from above is simply stunning!GWK actually stands for Garuda Wisnu Kencana. Garuda is this mythical bird and Wisnu is one of the Gods in Hinduism. Do check out more bout GWK Cultural Park. I've been there and the views are simply breathtaking. There are parts and pieces of the Garuda and Wisnu all over Indonesia and is still in the process of putting all of them together and the statue is gonna be like one of the tallest statue in South East Asia?or is it Asia??umm..I'm not so sure...will get right back on that after I recheck on that. =)

ANYWAY............I've side-tracked too long!Back to the wedding!!teehee...

My frens and I rented a car to drive to GWK,which is about almost an hour drive from our place.Man...i tell u,traffic in Bali sucks!It's like as if there's not traffic law here at all!All 5 of us thought that we'll be late for the ceremony bcz the car we rented arrived more than an hour late!We arrived an hour later and walked into Jendela Bali. I loved the setting.Because it was simple but the same time beautiful. The theme colour of the event was white. Round tables and chairs were covered with white tablecloths,flowers and candlelights in the middle of the table. Flowers decorated the place and there was a square pond right in the middle of the open area. Weather was PERFECT!Just the right amount of wind.hehe Not too windy,not too hot. God made the weather perfect for this lovely couple's big day!

Fifteen minutes after we arrived, the ceremony started. After three bride's maids came dwn frm the stairs, we finally saw "Queen of the Day" accompanied by her father. Looking ever so elegant in her wedding gown, she was given away to her "King".
Doesn't Ratna's wedding dress reminds u the the dress Hilary Duff wore for her prom in "A Cinderella Story"??

The ceremony started with "Sungkeman". Both Vanro and Ratna are javanese,so it's natural they do this. Sungkeman is a Javanese ritual ceremony in which the bride and groom kneel dwn before their parents and in-laws to thank them for taking care of them when they were still "living in their home". It's according to Asian culture that the child stays with their parents till they're married,right? But in Vanro and Ratna's case,like most chidren,they didn't bcz their families were in Java and they're working in Bali. Sungkeman also symbolizes parents giving their blessings to the couple and "letting them go live their own lives".

Usual wedding ceremony continued and it as time for the couple to exchange their vows. Vanro said his vows first and halfway thru,he stopped,trying to fight back his tears.So so so sweet.... =)

Pastor Wayan (translated to english): Now I pronounced these two as Husband and Wife. And everyone rejoiced for them. Their first kiss as HUSBAND AND WIFE!! After the first kiss,everyone said it wasn't enough..MORE MORE MORE!!hahaha this part is always the part everyone made lotsa noise..hahaha =.='

First Kiss

. . . AGAIN!!Lagi!!lagi!!
Second Kiss!

After the eating session, Vanro and Ratna had their first dance as husband and wife,the bride's maids and best men joined...then more came and couple-danced..And before we knew it,more and more were enjoying dancing together to the tunes of dangdut and hiphop music!Dance,people dance!Life those hands up in the air!

Dances were over and it the whole celebration was almost over.Every took turns taking tons of pics with the couple.Kinda pitied the couple for standing there for so long taking LOTSA pics wif everyone. So there,bits and pieces of the 4th wedding in Bali I attended..Suppose to b the 5th,it I didnt haf to b in M'sia during another church fren's wedding.. =(

Camwhoring before going home.a-must!! =D

More pics in my facebook!Do check them out~ *HUGS*HUGS*

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Elly's Day!!


Have an awesome birthday,Elly Changi,the girl who always makes me smile and laugh alot!everytime actually!

She NEVER fail to put a smile on my face...Everytime I meet her,she makes me forget my problems and instead make me laugh non-stop...

When I'm with her,she makes me feel like most,if not everything,around me is funny...dont knw why...hahhaha

Right now,I'm thinkin of moments of whether we ever had any serious moments or moments that we would cry together or moments where we would share our problems...We did haf moments like dat...but very very few..Dono why...hmm...Why huh elly??I think it's because everytime we're meeting each other,with meryll(elissa) or gracejoy or ruth or raenai.....we'll ALWAYS say smth goofy or smth wrong that end up being funny..and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh....

I personally think that even though we would wanna haf a sharing-and-caring session,we always end up saying things that's funny and onli end up laughin.heck,even if it wasnt funny,we would think it's funny..I think strangers would think we're some nutsos...hahha


p/s:elly,whn i'm bck,we haf more sharing-caring session ok?dont oways laff laff laff too much.till my cheeks hurt..hahha


Received an invitation card bout 2wks ago after church service on sunday....

How cool is this??A wedding card in a form of a CD album!!Definitely different from other wedding invitation cards I've received.Here's some pics of the card/cd album! =) The cd contains a number of love songs,both English and Indonesian. At 1st,I thought that there's gonna be pictures of them inside..hehe
Vanro and Ratna's wedding will be the 4th wedding ceremony I attend here in Bali.. 4 weddings in just 2 and half years!Bet there's gonna b more in the coming years too..yay!!hehe In less about 15 hours from now,they're gonna be Mr.&Mrs. Sevanrho!yay!!The wedding ceremony and reception is gonna be held around GWK,which is bout a lil bit more than an hour drive from Denpasar,if I'm not mistaken. Vanro and Ratna are both AMAZING ppl frm my church.Ratna's SO SO SO GREAT with kids!One of many reasons why she heads the Compassion Project in our church.And Vanro's the youth pastor,GREAT VOICE!and definitely has good leadership skills too!They shared a lil smth in church last sunday bout d weddin preparation and how God has reli been wif them throughout the whole weddin preparation,the finance and all dat..And I can see that they reli do totally trust in Our Lord in the finance area considering they don't really earn alot as church workers.It's great and encouraging to see God's children to fully put their faith in God,relyin on Him in everything. =)

Their invitation card/album was design by Adji,my connect leader,Sarah,it's her husband.They're also newly-weds.They recently got married last march on a boat.It was beautiful,so beautiful!Wedding ceremony durin sunset..romantic~ =)

Here are some of the wedding invitation cards he designed for some of our church members!INterested in his design??Feel free to contact Adji.Contact number above.I'll let the pics speak for his designs!-Damon and Komang-

His own wedding card,of course!
-Adji and Sarah-

::collection of wedding cards::
4 wedding invitation cards,4 weddings in Bali.4 and counting....wondering who's wedding is gonna be next?hmm..

Will post up bout the wedding after tonite...yay!!!can't wait!!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Green Curry

::Note:This post started about a month ago right after my musculoskeletal exam,but is only published now.::

I finally cooked a proper dinner!!!heck.I finally COOKED!!After weeks and weeks of not cooking due to the intention of saving time so that I could study, I cooked. And today, I made a dish that I've never cooked before. My FIRST ATTEMPT
in GREEN CURRY!*smiling widely*

So here's bits and pieces of the steps =) Unfortunately,the green curry paste wasn't made from scratch.. =/

Angel's not-so-perfect-attempt of green curry,guys.

Simple curry=simple ingredients used. The leafy cabbage isn't used often for curry.But these were all I had =P
The green curry paste I used "Mae Pranom Brand",bought in Bangkok when was there.There was another brand my mum used which was better than this though.Still,it wasnt bad at all =)

Don't forget the coconut cream!A must.It's not like other curry whereby u can actually opt not to use the coconut milk.

And of course the chillies!!!!The more chillies,the spicier, the better!green chillies,red chillies,chilli
padi,round chillies.Your choice. You can either pound or blend them. I pound. That's how the pestle and mortar here looks like.Mine's a smaller version. I think there are others that's smaller.

Heat ur pan,then put in abit of the coconut cream and add the green curry paste. Stir fry until you can see like there's oil comin out and u can start smellin the aroma frm the herbs of the paste. After that,just put in the meat. It can be chicken or mutton or beef or prawns,u name it!It's up to u!

I did a mistake though..hehe Put too much of coconut cream and milk earlier on so I had to take out to stir fry the chicken,worried that the coconut milk will b bad if it's too long in the heat.

Add the rest of the coconut milk and let the whole thing to boil. When it starts boiling,add your choice of greens and beans. I chose the "purple",leafy and the "orange". =) Continue to let it boil. Add salt to your liking. You can also add a lil bit of belacan to ur liking =)
And it's done!ready to be tasted!

Finally,served in a bowl.Ate it wif a plate of HOT steamed rice.Mmm...curry was a lil bit more watery than it should be though.. =S But still tasted not bad at all,considerin the 1st excuses fr myself..haha it would tast so much better too if I added much much more chillies..Chilli freak! Had losta leftovers too.But I do reckon that the leftovers tasted nicer than the 1st one. =P
Alritey than....Presentation = 2/5
Taste = 3/5

Umm...what othr criteria are there?heheh cant recall...shud ask sum2 later..


Monday, 1 June 2009

Terminator vs. Wolverine

Just got bck frm Galleria 21 from a back-to-back movie marathon..Even though I had only 2 hrs of sleep in 31 hrs due to exam preparation,still went ahead with the movie plan.So I'm now SUPER DUPER EXHAUSTED!

It's Monday. So it means it's 50% discounts off all movie tickets!! Only Rp10,00 per ticket!!That's about RM3 per movie!!cheap,eh??

Anyway,my mates and I watched Terminator: Salvation and Wolver
ine:X-Men Origin was after.okay,let me make this short =)

Elisa and myself were the only M'sians among our uni mates watchin this movie. Movie started and bout 45 minutes later,i think, during one of the scene when John Connor(Christian Bale) and his troops were chasing after Marcus Wright aka The Terminator (Sam Worthington) because they thought he was the villain, I FELL ASLEEP!THIS IS MY FIRST TIME FALLING ASLEEP IN THE MOVIES!partly cause I was reli tired and the cinema was rather I think mostly it was because I was bored with the first half of the movie. But things became more interesting later on. They had a short appearance of the original terminator,Arnold Schwarnezenegger, which was a lil exciting. NO TERMINATOR CAN TOP ARNOLD! hahaha....all in all, on a scale of 1 to 10, I rate this movie a 6..Plot wasn't much,very simple. But cant deny that it was action-packed. Prefer Christian Bale's acting in this rather than Batman. But one thing I like bout this movie, was this phrase "Everybody's gotta have a second chance in life". At the end, Marcus willingly gave his heart to John, which reminded me of when Jesus died for us on the cross for our sins..Marcus could have chosen not to give his heart, but because "everyone deserves a second chance in life",he willingly gave it to John so he could live.

Wolverine: X-Men Origin
Other friends finally join for this movie.I was glad that I got to watch this movie later. love it!At this point, among all the movies made based on marvel comics her
oes, this is my ULTIMATE fav! There were jokes. There were real gruesome-fighting-punching-action. They even had a lil romance. All I can say is I LUUURRRVVVEEEE IT! Other reasons being the actors were awesome. Really good acting. The effects used in this movie is great! Reli reli love the way the plot worked out. But I think my utmost fav is...........................


Though he onli appeared for awhile, but that short moment was great!Loved his mutant power too~ And!HE'S HOT!!!!!!!He's the definition of MALE HOTNESS!!MALE SEXINESS!!!He'S FUNNY too!!I absolutely love him since I first saw him acting in the series 2guys,a girl and a pizza place??Oh!I wanna feel those abs and have his arms around me!hahhaahha Shit,I'm being crazy!haha

Hugh Jackman..well, what can I say?He rawks!The well-built actor and co-producer fit his character, a really good actor...He is.WOLVERINE. =)

Another actor I found cool and sexy was Gambit,don't knw his real name..Loved his mysterious eyes. and even his love LOVE! Yes ppl,I dont care if u're sayin I'm weird or pervertic rite now..hahha I have a fetish for looking at guy's hands..haha Overall, this movie, I rate it a 8 out of 10! =)

The verdict??*drum roll...* DEFINITELY THE UNDENIABLE WINNER: WOLVERINE!!!A must-watch! ;)

That's all for tonite!See frm the pic?Look so so so tired...hate that I have eye bags now due to lack of quality zzzz.. =( I should reli sleep..So sleep I shall!!

Toodles~ "I'll b BACK"*in Arnold's imitation* *wink*

Clinical neuro is over!

CLiniCaL NeuroloGy exam is finally over!!!another exam donE!

after busting my @$ off for this exam...sure am hoping for good result... ;) *praying,crossed fingers*

It has been a rather hectic week right after our 1st exam of this sem,musculoskeletal exam...2 wks later,we had our basic neurology exam...friggin onli 2WEEKS to study the whole basic:anatomy,physiology,histology,pharmacology,clinical pathology!!!!!!and 3 wks later,which is today,we had our clinical exam this morning.......finally it's done!phew!

unfortunately,I didn't do well at all for my basic neurology..*embarrased* =( *sob*sob*

Thank GOd though,both the basic and clinical neurology exam results are gonna b added together..35% basic and 65% hopefully I'll score reli well to compensate fr my basic exam and pass overall!!

I think I'm being tested durin this period of fully and totally trust GOd and leave it all to HIM..and I reli think that's what I'm doing..hehe so yea,we'll wait and see..

Our Lord God is a FAITHFUL God. He will provide all things that we NEED. When you have done your part,He will do His. Worry not about things u cannot control and leave it all to God!God Bless~