Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas Fireworks!

This is related to my previous post.I was finally able to upload the fireworks video launched at The Spring,during Christmas countdown!!Took a vid of it for your viewing pleasure =) Those who were not able to celebrate Christmas at home wif your family,here's a gift for u =PEnjoy!!

p/s:Don't mind the background noises*wink*

Monday, 28 December 2009

Oh no...................

I'm back in Bali after being in Home Sweet Home,Kuching for christmas..............

I have a practical exam this coming Tuesday

Tons to memorise and practice.

Not fully prepared.YET.


oh crap.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Have a Merry,Merry Christmas!!

It's FINALLY Christmas!!!And I'm back home in Kuching!!woohoo!!After 3 yrs of not being able to be home for christmas,I finally got the chance to this year!! Just got back from church for the annual Christmas Eve Service and as usual,it was packed,like sardines in cans! (= After that,drove around,not knowing where I actually wanted to go..and I was near The Spring,and they had fireworks!So I stopped at a carpark nearby the mall and sat in the car,watching them for about 7mins!Though I think it lasted for about 15.It was pleasant watching it.Took a vid of it! =)) Unfortunately,I'm havin trouble uploadin it here.bugger~

Anyway,wherever you are..............


Be glad for this day,a reminder that Jesus came into this world for US!Rejoice and Be Glad in Him!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Crashed Down

This happened 'bout almost a month ago...My room in Bali.Freakingly dirty,messed up bathroom..It was midnight,parents were sleepin,I was studyin(well,more to TRYING to study)....

And then "THUD"! It wasn't a loud crash.But a faint thud,a sound similar when you knock your hands in a fist-like manner onto the table.

As soon as I heard it,I knew straightaway what the sound was.THIS.

I have actually foresee this happening.Know why?Months past by and weeks ago,I saw that my ceiling in the bathroom had cracks all over. At first,I thought it was because of the earthquakes in Bali.Boy was I wrong.A couple of weeks before this happened,I noticed a thick brown line of what looks like nests by the window in the pantry.So I went over to check it out and removed my cutting board...and I had goosebumps in disgust!On the other side of the cutting board,you could see rows of eaten bits of the board,infested with termites!I thought they were maggots at first 'cause I could only see the white end of the body which was elongated. Only when the ceiling came crashing down then I realised that they were friggin-full-on-fat-arse-termites!!!Informed the caretaker of my building and all he said was"Okay,nanti ya..harus tunggu tukangnya..tukangnya sibuk.." Days after days after days..It was the same old reason.Bugged him every single time I saw him to get the ceiling fixed and remove the nest,which was spreadin and gettin longer like nobody's business!Waited and waited waited..till my parents came over to Bali,and that night itself,BOOM!!!!A hole in the ceiling!!

Procrastination ain't good in this case!duh!I shall not complain and grumble about how most people work in a certain place...Whatever it is,this is the result of such procrastination. =(

See those lil buggers who could make such a big mess??looks like maggots rite??

I'm putting this as one of the many reasons us human should abhor procrastination. It destroys your ceiling.Bleh!