Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Back and Sick

I'm Back in Kuching!My hometown!The place where I'll be taken care by my mummy...heheh Homecooked food by my mummy..Was so excited to be bck!

But just whn I thought I'm gonna start my first day in Kuching will a smile and excitement....I got SICK.Just whn I jus landed Kuching International Airport(KIA),had the cough...And thought it was nothin..Next was,flu followed by fever..So now I've got the whole package...

And no,it isnt the "Swine Flu" aka. H1N1 virus.....And I'm not the carrier*Sticks tongue out*

Just wanted to update my blog now..Took my meds after lunch,drank lotsa hot Roibose Tea,had ginseng tea frm Eu Yan Sang....And wearing long pants and shirt,covered with my sweater...on a HOT day without the aircon or fan on.Imagine being in a sauna,sweating all the time.. :S

Will update more later,when I feel much better.Still haf lotsa pending entries..Toodles~

Saturday, 25 July 2009

I'm coming Home.To the place whr I belong

This is jus reminds me of the song by......umm...by.....umm...umm..umm..A band I js cant quite put my finger on!Was it Foo Fighters?or mayb not?So what,I think you guys knw which song I'm thinking of.. ;P

It's Saturday.A day where most would start the day later,relax,hang out wif friends and so forth.ME???I had to go to campus at ard 7smth this morning for my OSCE(Objective Structured Clinical Examination) exam,which is like a practical exam. With only 3 hours of sleep,went to campus and we had a "Drug Prescription" test. We had to write how to prescribe certain drugs,think of the dosage,side effect and interactions between various drugs.

Next,each of us had to wait for our turn to proceed with our Neurological,Musculoskeletal and History Taking examination. I waited for bout 3 hours for my turn!!But the actual exam period,was only 5 min for each stations!Tht was the fastest 15 min of my life!hehhehe I think I did quite well for each station,done my best preparing for it too.So hopefully,result's gonna be great!*crossed fingers* ;)

And in a matter of hours,less than 12 hrs,I'll b on my way bck to Malaysia!A step closer to Home!!And I'm super super STOKED!!!Totally needed rest frm this sem's studies and exams!Days of salivating over food bck in Kuching,home-cooked food and thinking of being in my own a/c room for the past few weeks will soon come to an end!yayness!!

I've even made a mini plan once I reach Kuching.

1. Reach Kuching at 1.30pm(which is perfect time for lunch!)
2. Lunch: Chicken Rice
3. Reach "Home Sweet Home"
4.Unpack and Rest in my room
5. Evening tea:DURIAN!!!DURIAN!!DURIAN!!!!!*wink*

So there,mini plan once I reach Kch.Cant wait!Been thinkin of Durians non-stop!hehehhe cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!I"m so so so stoked rite now!hehhee Finally in time to b bck for Durian season,after almost 3 yrs!Though it's almost the end,who cares!Still get to haf lotsa them!

But right now,I need sleep.I've not even started any packing yet!oh well,sleep first!nitenite!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

....love Maegan

Bout an hour ago,a thought came acrossed my mind.... "hmm.....Suddenly,I feel like making DIY stuff..What do I feel like making this time??" And WHAM!!suddenly thought of DIY sandals..dont care if sum of u are thinking its cheesy,I dont care. ;P

SO i went internet surfing for some DIY guidelines and I stumble into this!!


My first time seeing this blog and I am already totally in love with this blog!!One reli reli great "Lifestyle&Fashion" blog!

Who owns this blog?obviously frm the name,its Maegan,a graphic and web designer.

What's in this blog??Well,among others:
--> Great DIY help for heels,bikinis,necklaces,etc.
--> Lotsa reli cute hair-how-to's
--> You can see her fashiong style (personally,I love her fashion style.simple yet sophisticated)
--> Words of inspiration she likes that you may also like ;)

I highly recommend this blog everyone!

YiPee!!!Can't wait to try out my very own DIY project given by Maegan!SUPER STOKED!!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Double Birthdays!!

It is now 15th July 2009. The day when two BEAUTIFUL people whom I care so dearly are officially 23 yrs old!!!!

One whom I've known in Kuching since way way back when we were little playful primary school kids and grew closer with our other bestfrens in Form 1. She reminds me of the bright sunshine and NON-STOP laughters!

Another,I've met for the first time a few yrs back right here in Bali,but grew closer the past year or months?umm..dont knw..hehhe She reminds me of heart-shaped balloons,rainbows and being firm when she has to.

One,who cheers me up when I'm feelin a wee bit down. She makes nonsense crap or jokes that I cant help but smile and laugh. Even when us gals haf those serious girl talks,at the end of it,she'll never fail to say something witty to lighten us up.well,to me,at least *wink*

The other, listens to my problems and helps me see things I cant see.One of my confidante. ;) She always make me feel more positive after spending time with her. I dont take her only as my connect leader. I take her also as my friend,and that people,means alot.

This is a birthday dedication to you both....TO:



Thursday, 9 July 2009

Angel&Stitch(Lilo has been kicked out!)

A snippet of what I did the past two days for class..............



And what do u think I'm using this banana for??

yes yes,title's angel&stitch...so obviously it has something to do wif me and Stitch.I'm stitching smth..duh. And the pic above is my "guinea pig",Stitch.

Started our Basic Clinical Skills classes on monday,and my group started with suturing..What's suturing u say?It's just stitching up any wound in the body..Tailors Sew,Doctors Suture =) We had a lecture and suture demonstration on our 1st class on Monday. And in about 7 hrs,we're gonna have our exam on suturing.I love suturing!I actually cant wait doing sutures on real life patients!*wink*

Instruments I used to practice stitching.Didnt buy the "Hecting Set" cause the full set will b prepared during the exam and I only needed this to practice simple sutures. The scissor-like instrument is a "needle-holder" and the one on it's right is a "Fungsional Forcep". Blue packet contained a non-absorbable thread and a curved needle,both sterile. We practiced on a wounded mannequin hand.Couldnt flick it bck home so had to find other materials to practice on. My friends practiced on this type of sponge,not d usual sponge,but a harder sponge. I didnt get d sponge.Opted for a banana instead,js for fun. They even use banana in "Grey's Anatomy".

See the curved needle?That's one type of many various curved needle.Yeap!that's the one that's gonna pierce through ur skin and flesh......Afraid???Disgusted when u're imagining it this very moment???Can u feel the pain as it pierce thru ur bleeding flesh???*OUCH!!!!*

No worries..U're gonna be injected with a local anaesthesia beforehand.No pain... =)

My last practice on Stitch

My last attempt of practising doing suturing.This is a very bad example of a suture.Why?First,cause the thread I used was a sewing thread cause my suture thread finished.That's why the "wound" couldnt close.Second,I jus did this for d sake of takin d pic fr d blog.I've forgotten to take pics of previous ones I did which was way better. Hence,the not so neat sutures.

Suture evaluation is in less than 7 hours.Wish me luck,guys!praying to do well...And I'll do well.Amen! =)


Monday, 6 July 2009

I'm saying "Hello!"

Hey guys...it has been awhile since I last posted up anything recent...

I was really busy preparing for my Behavioural Exam,which I am GLAD! to announce is officially over last Saturday....!!

Still kinda tired since I didnt reli get any good rest even after the exam till now.Soooooo gotta catch up and compensate for my sleep-deprived nites!

So I'll post sum of new entries later on,aite?Just wanted to say hi to everyone out thr... =P HELLOOOO!!!


I need sleep.I need a massage.Most of all,I need my face not to look so goddamn tired! =S