Friday, 18 September 2009

I'm Sorry Bloggie

It has been more than a month since I've last written...Went into a hiatus due to laziness,busy-ness,havin the thoughts of pending entries..loads of them! =( I'm so so sorry my apaintedangel..I shall give u justice!I'll post the many many MANY past entries!!This I Promise You....*singing to the tune of N'Sync's song*

I'm back in Kuching.....AGAIN!!yes yes...My last post stated that I was bck in Kuching..I was.And I went back to Bali last month,was there for 3 weeks or so...and now I'm back again!And when people knew I'm comin bck home again...heard lots this....

"HHUH???You're back again???"
"I thought u js got bck from Malaysia.why r u goin back again??"

"You're going back to home again??whY??"
"yay!yay!!!angel's coming bck again!we can go for karaoke!go for dinner!!"

"You're comin back?good!we can meet up this time!"

I just arrived this afternoon at 1.30...Am still not so used to the heat here,especially since it's windy in Bali and it was cloudy and raining in K.L.Still adjusting =) I can't wait to do the things I couldnt do,eat the food I didnt eat,meet people I couldnt meet when I was home the last time!Aaaahhh....Perfect Bliss. =) I'm gettin excited right now!hahhaha...Nonetheless,still gotta keep up wif my studying this hols too!

Anyhooo...I really gotta get some shut eye now(only had 2hours of sleep this mornin).And what's on for me tonight???

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

chaoz...Lurves *Mwah!!*