Sunday, 26 April 2009

Silly Me

*opening a packet a hot soto ayam, feeling hungry...yay!!!can eat now!!!even though it's js soto ayam,it's stil yummy! =) Took sony hp,read mum's message...."Oh,I better reply her..."*

Me: ELISA!!!!!!I can't find my hp!!!!*heart pounding,blood rushing*dup-dab-dup-dab-dup-dab.......(over and over again)

Elisa: HUH???u sure onot??

Me: I can't find for it!!!!!look for it d....can u plz call my hp?????


Pak: HALO??

At this point...Me: shit........ :'( it'a already gone.... my N95 is gone....!!!!its stolen....!!!!I'M GONNA BE SO DEAD!!!!!GONNA GET KILLED BY MY MUM!!!!NAGGED BY BOTH MY PARENTS...MY PRECIOUS N95!!!

Elisa: hello??umm...ini siapa,ya???(whispering "some guy is answering")

Pak: (blablablabla...smth smth smth..I couldnt hear....)

Elisa: oh???taxi ya??owh.....ini ketinggalan hp nya dalam taxi ya??um....Pak,pak!!bisa gak hantar hp nya,gak??

(again,blablablabla...smth smth smth..I couldnt hear....)

Elisa: huh??Pak skarang lagi di mana ya??........Owh....di GatSu ya?jadi jadi gimana ya??bisa gak pak??tempat nya di (my apartment address)....jadi bisa ya,Pak??ok,ok...trima kasih ya pak!*call ended*

Me: He's gonna send it over???he is???thank GOd thank GOd thank God...........!!!!!!!!

-half and hour later,went downstairs-

Me: PAK!!!!!!THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!eh....makasih ya!!makasih ya!!maaf,Pak!!(couldn't wipe that BIG SMILE of my face!!!)

Pak: ya ya...nggak pa pa...tadi sebenarnya mau belok lagi ke tempatnya,tapi nggak jumpa juga...

Me: Oh...makasih makasih makasih ya!!aduh!!maaf ya!!!(those were the onli words i could say =.=')

He returned the phone..I gave me a little "thank you" tip.....

Was on the way bck to my room, stopped by at Elisa's room...

Elisa: so how??all ok??

Me: yea yea...all ok...thank God thank God thank GOd!!!!

Elisa: and he didnt even ask money at all??????????that's so weird...!!!

Me: i did gave him abit of smth...MY GOSH!!!!if this were to happen in M'sia....i think it's gonna b gone forever!!!no1 would wanna give it back to me!!N95 wor....

Elisa: yea true!!!!OKAY!!THAT'S IT!!My gosh......CONCLUSION!!!Ppl in Bali are much nicer ler...who would give smth like that bck??taxi driver would haf js take it away!!

Me: yea yea!!!so true!!okler..gotta go d..bye!!thanx again!!!(walked away,smiling and continuously thanking God fr getting my hp back,Imagining my mum's lecture and scoldings if my 21st birthday present was supposedly gone...*shivers*)

Conclusion : 1) After few incidences similar to that, most ppl in BALI are actually NICE despite othr certain things I prefer not to mention...
2) Never change ur shoes in the cab and put ur handphone on d seat.

3) DO NOT be like angel here....being careless..and carry bagpack thinking her hp is inside it.

Mini Dictionary: 1) Trimakasih = makasih -------> Thank You
2) GatSU -------> Gatut Subroto (it's a road here in Bali)
3) gak? --------> Or not?
4) nggak pa pa ---------> It's okay
5) bisa ---------> Can
6) Pak ---------> It's how we call any male older than us here in Indonesia.

At this very moment, my heart is still beating faster than normal.Am thankful that I got my hp back, PRAISE GOD!!!

Silly Me

Friday, 24 April 2009


IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!


OVER, I TELL YA!!!!!!OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*jumps around with hands in the air!!BIG smile!!*

Okay.Relax, angel, relax. Hi peeps,quiet these few days cz was busy studying for an exam. Am bck with more time to blog now =) YAY!!!!!!!!EXAM'SSSSS OVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry guys...Js being eccentric and RELIEVED!!!!Cause my musculoskeletal exam is finally over!!!!As of 10.55 this morning,tensed feelings and head-cracking moments in answering exam questions are over!!WOOHOO!!!







UMM......WAIT.NEUROLOGY BLOCK IS STARTING ON MONDAY.......Neuro's tougher than musculo....hmm....

Well,at least no more of those these few days... (=.=)'

Next up,re-energised by sleeping. =) Get the engine going again.



Saturday, 18 April 2009


This is seriously so overdue......*sigh*

This happened during anatomy classes...where we were suppose to look through different types of human bones...going through skeletons and recalling different types of the bones...

Of course we had to be serious..learning which part is what..."which bone is this?This is a child's bone,isnt't it?is this male or female??which part is the foramen magnum?What's this small little hole here?What's this line there?" and it goes on and on..could hear everyone recalling parts of the bones...


there was this point halfway thru class..some were getting too restless looking n too many what else better to do than to take photos and fool around to wake them up??

So here's bits and pieces of the human bones....imagine his/her spirit is there................... =P

Hello I look good??Bones of the face minus the top of my skull..

Imagine....opening your mouth really wide till you could see your palate...and much much more...The base of your cranium,ladies and gentlemen.

Cut your skull across....remove the upper part of your skull..remove your brain and everything else inside...and this is what you could see...See that huge hole right in the middle??there you go...that's called a foramen magnum.

How a hip bone looks like...thanks to this bone,it's one of the part wherr our butt muscles attach us that "sexy back"...phewwit!*wink*

The bone of your thigh...the FEMUR...the longest bone in our body,people..attaches to the hip bone.Thank God for this bone..lets us walk,haf knees,attach itself to the other bones of the leg..together with them leg bones, you can now walk dwn that squats and lunges in the gym..or just have that stroll along the beach =)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Good morning,people!*winks*Js woke up..hence,the morning greeting~ Js had my quiet time praying..and logged into my Facebook acc, only to find Ps.John Finkelde status: "my tatto post has even got Fletch writing poetry!" (Ps. John is an australian christian pastor residing in Perth and is one of the pastors of Christian City Church (C3) Hepburn Heights.) Whn I saw this, got me thinking this must mean that there's a blog entry in his website,rite?check out

So I visited his site and read bout the tattoo-entry. He wrote that he publish that post after reading an entry of a Singaporean pastor, the very famous Ps. Kong Hee from City Harvest Church, bout tattoos...found it very interesting.....check out for more insights~

Tattoos??To get one or not to get one has always been my question.Are christians allowed to have tattoos? Have been questioning that for a long time now and am still thinking bout it. Is tattoing a sin?My dad thinks that getting a tattoo is not right and that a christian shudnt b gettin tatts. I think there are quite a number of parents who think so as well. Others think it's no biggie and it's okay havin them. And some don't even bother.

Personally, I think it's no harm for a christian to have tatts as long as those tatts aren't the kind that's "devilish-looking", "death symbols", "gangsta-looking" or any othr symbols that are obviously not "christian-like" for that matter. Tattoos are ways of self expression and also a personal reminder. Having that specific tatt has got to be meaningful. I believe that it's better we don't haf tattoos if its jus for the fun of it or js cz ur frens have them and you could show them off. And I reckon it's a BIG NO-NO if a gal/guy gets a tattoo for their othr half when they're not married,especially tattoos with the name of their bf/gf. What happens if the couple breaks up?Even worse if the breakup was ugly. That tattoo is definitely gonna remind u of that relationship u want to forget.And it will hurt. It's not that I'm sayin every relationship isn't gonna work out.Afterall,who can predict the future rite?I just think it's not that smart,is all. TATTOOS ARE PERMANENT(albeit removal with laser can be done bt are costly). THINK.PONDER.MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION.

With this, I bid u farewell, for now... =) What do you think bout tattoos?Feel free to leave your mark with comments.lotsa lurve~ thinks me want to haf an "angel" word written like a shape of a heart or a small cross tattoo at me ankle and another at me right upper bck...*thinkin*

Monday, 13 April 2009

Experiment cum a Doggie-Dog World

This is so so soooooooo long overdue...*sigh* I'm actually typing this on 11/May..but this happened like few weeks ago..onli had time to upload d pics bt nvr wrote the entry.. =P

Went for class today and today's "Basic Clinical Skills"(BCS) day...It's a day where we learn things bout physical examination techniques or looking at reli reli "ancient" cadavers or patient-interviewing "how-to's" and etc..So since today's BCS for physiology, we head to the physio lab and saw tools on the tables..

Wat we had to do today was :
1) To compare our work(in this case,the work of our hand) during steady state with fatigues related work...

2) To analyse the effect of blood supply distribution, rest and massage on the muscles of the working muscles....I'm guessing some of u dont understand wat i'm saying? O.o

The cylinder-looking thingy is called a can actually turn automatically bt it rotated too we did it manually.
And the thing on the left with someone's hand, looks like he's making a "hand-gun" is called an ERGOGRAPH..didnt take the whole pic of it..sori..

Meng hon,being the test subject for one of the task..He's smiling..but he's actually in pain from the non-stop pulling of the ergograph handle..Betcha I can do more number of presses than u, Meng hon.. =P hehehe

My very own result! But it wasn't used for our group's case presentation..Me mates said it's not a "good" result for a normal person...heck =.=' Knw why? cause for a "normal" test subject, one would eventually feel tired after a number of times pulling the handle on the ergograph. So the amplitude of the graph above is suppose to decrease gradually or may even stop once one feels tired. But my DIDN'T. I just continued pulling the ergograph thingy wif my finger even when they ran out of paper for the graph. Well, what can I say....Angel have strong hands..hehehe =P

So after the experiment class, time to head back home. Had captain ball practice in the evening to get ready for this yearly Sports Day event we have in this rather huge park, Renon park..It's a park whr EVERYONE would go..that's why it's always packed in the evenings...Anyway, my frens and I were waiting for the others to arrive,so we sat at the steps for them..While waiting for them, about 12 DOGS passed by us...Pichas below are some of the many dogs that caught my attention!

DOG #4
I fell in love with "Blacky-White" here cause of his (i think) fur..Reli love dogs with long fur!!!From a distance, I could see "him" walkin side by side with it's owner, strolling away. The way "his" fur moved so softly wished I could just carry him and stroke them. He was walkin rather slow before I took the pic. But he ran so fast up this steps that I got a reli bad shot of him.. =( guess he's camera-shy.. :S

DOG(S) #3
Sori for the reli bad pics..they ran too fast for me to take a proper shot and I was lazy to get my butt off frm the steps when they stopped walking..Fell in love with this pair because :

1. Both were white
2. Both had nice lookin' fur and were kinda long
3. The smaller "hunk" made me think he a charming dog and could get any gal he wans if he was a person..I knw..I imagine too much..I'm weird in that sense.
4. The bigger, more furry, "dudette" was so CUTE!She had this small yellow bow on her head. She reminds me of a cute innocent gal =)

DOG #2
My #2 fav dog of the evening!! The whole time he was walking when I saw him and his partner(behind him), the first thing I said automatically was "Look!TWINS!"(yea,It sounds lame. It was one of those moments whr words js get out frm my mouth without passin thru d brain. =S) Had my camera fixed on him,he was jus strolling along normally. But once he reached the steps we were on, he climbed up a few steps and just POSE!!! "Mr.Poser here sure knws how to posed fr the camera,eh?Either that or he understood what one of my fren said out loud.. "yea,twins.But look so UGLY!"*sigh*

DOG #1!!!!!
This pair made the evening most interesting in the doggie "phenomenon". Frm afar, we knew that "The HUMPER"(the one behind) was trying to hump "THE HUMPEE"(the one in front) . Humper was tryin to hump the whole way he was walking wif their owners. And he succeeded jus a metre away or two. So we though the'd stop. But NO......Few steps away,he tried and Humpee walked straight towards us!and got humped again!!right before my feet!!was so shocked! In my head I was thinking "no...I don't wanna c dog porn right before my very eyes!!" One of my fren had to softly kicked Humpee's head away frm us cz Humper was gettin ready to get it on!Sori humpee... =P Took this pic just right before Humpee got kicked,explains the bad pic~

So may not be that interesting..but somehow it made me HAPPY.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

SpicY Fish

It's been quite some time since I've last blog...Been busy preparing for my musculoskeletal system exam.Ugh.Exams.Gotta remember every single muscles,every single bones,every single joints,every single tendons plus diseases of the musculoskeletal system??NOT FUN.Am taking a break from studying right now so I might as well blog. =) Last sunday,04.04.09. A little mini food blog..hahahha =.='

It was a normal day,nothing much was planned. Went joggin at 6.30am came bck,,study,study.That's the most frequent used word these days...hmm...All that was planned was to haf a simple dinner in a fren's house to celebrate Yap and Tew's upcoming birthday..Us gals gave Yap a backpack and Tew a collared-T as their birthday prezzies.So yea,Pre-celebration thingy~

*Taken april 2008: Dhivya, Yap, Tew*

Bunch of them watched movies,the rest of us chitchat.Blablabla,Usual hangout agenda.But what I want to highlight is what we had for dinner.............

yeaps!!FISH,FISH,FISH and more FISH!!!7 of them to b exact.Main dish was this yummy barbequed FRESH fish..garupa fish and sum othr fish that I can't name.Don't knw what it's called..hehhehe..*sorry*The point is it was FRESH!!!and meat was SWEET!!!!All of us lurve it!!But I think there's one of them were barbequed for too was kinda hard..Did I mention it was FRESH???oh yea...did..Put a small piece of the oh-so-sweet-fish into your mouth....and AAAHHHHHHH.......SOFT.....JUICY....FRESH...Every single bite exudes that sweet juice into your tastebuds...yummy~ Almost all the fishes we ate had the right texture and taste.

And what's indonesian food without it's spicy chillies,ryte??mini chilli padi, red chllies,green ones,chilli pastes,fresh cut chillies with soy sauce and onions....BASIC CRITERIA OF INDONESIAN FOOD: MUST-HAVE CHILLIES (SAMBAL).Preferably no ginger in the sambal.

*Top to bottom: Chilli sambal paste, Green chillies in oil..and my personal fav, fresh chillies with onions!*

*greens....fresh mint leaves*

So the shop that we bought the fish from gave us 3 different type of sambal-chilli paste thingy,green chillies in oil and fresh cut chillies mixed with red onions and soy sauce,if I'm not mistaken. I love thecolours of these hotties!Always make every dish look brighter... =) And for EVERY dish that's fried or roasted or barbequed, Indonesians will always serve them with raw cucumber, cabbage and mint leaves. I personally like these raw veggies. Eat them with chillies or belacan(spicy shrimp paste) the malays call it ulam...yumyum!!I'm a sucker for spicy food =P The chillies were so spicy till some of my friends were sweating!some had tears trickling down their cheeks...Could hear them saying "ssssssss-hhhaaa,sssss-hhhhaaaa" sounds here and there...funny funny...

Basically that's it,peeps. Had an awesome simple dinner.AWESOME FISH!!fruits...drinks.... =D


p/s: *embarrassed* had really bad diarrhea the next morning. Forgotten that I didn't haf anything for lunch.And the sudden spicy food....not a good result..serves me right.*swt*

Friday, 3 April 2009

~GLOW in the DARK~

Just got back home. It's Friday...And what's friday in Christian City Church,Bali (C3 BALI) without "Unlimited Youth" service?

Christian City Church Bali is this AWESOME church I attend here in Bali and am a proud member! =D Attended youth today, went an hour earlier at 6.30pm for music practice since I'm playing keyboard this week. We were all told to wear white today. I wondered why at 1st, bt Sarah, my cell grp(we call it "connect" here) leader told that's because tonite's theme is "GLOW IN THE DARK". I was like "huh??we're all gonna glow??" And we really did glow in the dark!!!
AWESOMENESS!! Kudos to those who did the lightings!*salutes*

*One of the backup singers today,beloved Yelin,chillin' on stage during practice*

*Musos on stage.Too bad couldnt take a pic of meself*

Today's youth service didn’t start as usual with praise&worship 1st,then the sharing. Instead, they had games first, sharing then the praise&worship. Simple games..Had to have a rep from every connect grp. Since Sarah and I were the only ones frm our connect,newly named as "Ekklesia" which means "Church" in Greek, I had to join the games. 1st game: We had to say a sentence, our mouth stuffed with as many rambutans as we could shoved into and our members had to interpret what we said .Most of us could only shoved 5seeds,bt Ratna had 6 and her member s could interpret wat she said. So they obviously won. =) My sentence was "unlimited youth praise and worship" but whn I said it,it came out smth like "uongleeeemeeyeth yohhhh prieeetthhh ang wowhip"*swt* hahahha Was reli funny listening to them,includin me saying jibberish. 2nd game: The simple 3-player game passing a chip covered in flour to one another. Fastest time, wins.the very biasa kinda small kid game,hehe.

Unlimited youth's coordinator/"boss", Vanrhoo shared bout today's theme. Glow in the dark??Is to shine!Let us all shine through the darkness. Isaiah 60:1-3. Arise and Shine!For your light has come!Do not fear in this world for Our Lord's glory is upon us. When sometimes u worry and feel that u're unable to do a certain task,say,talk in front of public or design a clothing line or in my case, be a great doctor, and are always comparing yourself with others, remember that you're NOT weird,useless,uncapable and definitely, NOT ALONE. NEVER. Do NOT fear about what othrs think and say bout u, continue striving but at the same time,rely on God. His grace and light is upon u. Trust in Him that He will never forsake u. Dare to SHINE THROUGH THE DARKNESS AROUND U.*hugs*hugs* Just a short msg to share =)

Then service was almost over...Had praise&worship session and ended youth with prayer.Guess that's all for today,enuf said.

What's the point of me babbling so much when there's no pics,aye?so here's a few more.enjoy the no-face-pics*wink*

*Sarah's side pose. See the sexy smile??You've gotta look closer.*

*Yours truly.This pic isnt that nice,though =( *

*Sarah full front..hehe looks as if her left hand is holding the flourescent lite dat's on the floor and her right arm carryin the door behind her*

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Today's FYI:

Just when I thought april fool's day was over............PERIOD.

There's "April Mop" in Indonesia.It's april fool's every single day this month!

No wonder a friend frm church sent a sms to anothr friend today with a msg frm his "sister" announcing that he passed away this afternun at 3.15pm..And he jst msged me in fb at 4smth in d afternun.
We were thinking "did he forget that yesterday was april 1st??" Lame april day joke,though..People,if u wanna trick othrs,do it RIGHT.

So feel free to play an april fool's....errmm...I mean "April Mop" trick on any1 who has GOOD sense of humour here in Indonesia or M'sia if u will...and say it's "legally" allowed according to Indonesia's standards.Blame them for it..hehehe*wink*

today's random info.ttyl~

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

An April Day

HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY,GUYS!!Anyone got fooled today?? =) Don't think so.It isn't as fun as it was back in kindy or primary school where we would trick our friends. Laughing whn hearing "ouch!" whn they would sit on folded staples hurting their rear end or giggling with the "Hey-ur zipper's open!" trick. XD As we grow older,more people lose their sense of humour with tricks....I knw,I knw..some of them tricks isn't funny.annoying actually.Bet some of u reading is thinking "We're not 5-year-olds anymore!!!" True.Bt it would b fun once in awhile though =)*wink* But April Fool's isn't the focus at all..What's special today is............


Met her almost 3 years back,she was only 18,was in the same discussion group for 1and half year.Totally love her personality the first time I met her...For those who don't knw her...She's one of the most KINDest, bubblY, CutEst, FRIENDLY, hElPfuL person I knw!!!One of the very few... =) A gal with great personality!And even though I don't show it to her..Bt I actually do love her to bits!!hehehe..

Poor gal had to go thru a "treasure hunt" today,looking for her previous grp members(d 1 after our 1st grp.we were shuffled in grps 3 times!) Took more than half an hour,going up and dwn the stairs,frm the east wing to the west,js to look for the first person!!edwin was so "smart" to hide...bck home!hehehhe After the "fun" of finding the 12 people...and "impress" them..a HUGE frame with memorable pics of her with her mates was waiting for her!!It was reli reli sweet of them to put all that together.Wish I could haf a pic of it here =( Couldn't stop laughing wen she had to dance/sing/rap..basically do ANYTHING to get those clues for d pressie! Every1 js love her!!And me included!!My simple 'lil pressie for her here..hehhehe Dedicated to NANA..HAPPY BIRTHDAY,BABE!!!

p/s:Ur daddy is PROUD OF U,nana. He's happy when YOU'RE HAPPY.xoxo