Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas Fireworks!

This is related to my previous post.I was finally able to upload the fireworks video launched at The Spring,during Christmas countdown!!Took a vid of it for your viewing pleasure =) Those who were not able to celebrate Christmas at home wif your family,here's a gift for u =PEnjoy!!

p/s:Don't mind the background noises*wink*

Monday, 28 December 2009

Oh no...................

I'm back in Bali after being in Home Sweet Home,Kuching for christmas..............

I have a practical exam this coming Tuesday

Tons to memorise and practice.

Not fully prepared.YET.


oh crap.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Have a Merry,Merry Christmas!!

It's FINALLY Christmas!!!And I'm back home in Kuching!!woohoo!!After 3 yrs of not being able to be home for christmas,I finally got the chance to this year!! Just got back from church for the annual Christmas Eve Service and as usual,it was packed,like sardines in cans! (= After that,drove around,not knowing where I actually wanted to go..and I was near The Spring,and they had fireworks!So I stopped at a carpark nearby the mall and sat in the car,watching them for about 7mins!Though I think it lasted for about 15.It was pleasant watching it.Took a vid of it! =)) Unfortunately,I'm havin trouble uploadin it here.bugger~

Anyway,wherever you are..............


Be glad for this day,a reminder that Jesus came into this world for US!Rejoice and Be Glad in Him!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Crashed Down

This happened 'bout almost a month ago...My room in Bali.Freakingly dirty,messed up bathroom..It was midnight,parents were sleepin,I was studyin(well,more to TRYING to study)....

And then "THUD"! It wasn't a loud crash.But a faint thud,a sound similar when you knock your hands in a fist-like manner onto the table.

As soon as I heard it,I knew straightaway what the sound was.THIS.

I have actually foresee this happening.Know why?Months past by and weeks ago,I saw that my ceiling in the bathroom had cracks all over. At first,I thought it was because of the earthquakes in Bali.Boy was I wrong.A couple of weeks before this happened,I noticed a thick brown line of what looks like nests by the window in the pantry.So I went over to check it out and removed my cutting board...and I had goosebumps in disgust!On the other side of the cutting board,you could see rows of eaten bits of the board,infested with termites!I thought they were maggots at first 'cause I could only see the white end of the body which was elongated. Only when the ceiling came crashing down then I realised that they were friggin-full-on-fat-arse-termites!!!Informed the caretaker of my building and all he said was"Okay,nanti ya..harus tunggu tukangnya..tukangnya sibuk.." Days after days after days..It was the same old reason.Bugged him every single time I saw him to get the ceiling fixed and remove the nest,which was spreadin and gettin longer like nobody's business!Waited and waited waited..till my parents came over to Bali,and that night itself,BOOM!!!!A hole in the ceiling!!

Procrastination ain't good in this case!duh!I shall not complain and grumble about how most people work in a certain place...Whatever it is,this is the result of such procrastination. =(

See those lil buggers who could make such a big mess??looks like maggots rite??

I'm putting this as one of the many reasons us human should abhor procrastination. It destroys your ceiling.Bleh!

Friday, 20 November 2009

August Sem Break: Original Carwash and more!

Pending entry #4.....I think some of you are gonna bash my head up for this pending entries... =P Events long gone...But still gonna post 'bout it..Be patient with me,kay?Since I've been busy and LAZY in updating my blog,I shall repay some justice here..As much as I'm awake right now,because of this cuppa joe I'm indulging this very moment and had slept the entire day,I'd better post up my pending entries.So a few more post are gonna come right after this. So here goes...the little events back home(yay to Kuching!!!!) that I can recall during my last sem break.. =)

This is "The Carwash",owned by one of Tiing Phek King's sons.Went there for lunch with my parents one random day.This has been sort of our fav place to dine when I'm back home in Kuching,well,at least for me,it is. I'm kinda surprised that many do not know this place,'cause I always thought it was rather a famous place,considering it serves rather delish main courses with it's "giant" plates of desserts. My fav dishes so far here is the ever-so-thick-mango juice,Pineapple Rice(unless they serve it with peanuts instead of cashew nuts =S ) and the somethingsomething lamb dish( cant recall the name,sorry). I'm not sure of the quality of the food currently,but as far as I'm concerned,it's been good every time I dine there. I think what attracted me there in the first place was the deco.I love their idea of using their goods,ingredients,utensils and so forth as part of their deco in it. Most of all I love antiques.Call me bias for loving this place but I think their deco of antique barber chairs and telephones kinda gave me away. I wish they had more antiques there though. Dishes served are both Asian and Western cuisine.,and a lilttle bit of Italian.Prices here are little bit on the uphill but the single portion is enough for 2-3 persons,so that makes it much much more affordable! =) SHall stop typing.It's time for the pichas!

What's outside.You can actually just spot it from the main road. Just like what it says, "The Original Carwash"

Not so sure which era this is from.I'm guessing 70-80's?? Dentist chair right at the entrance. It's a place to hang umbrellas during raining days too.

Menu and motto. Hopefully the customers agree on that too.

What's inside. Plates,bowls and bottles of sauces were among the decorations used. Love the antiques typewriter too!I didn't appreciate them showing what type of cheap canned foods and cooking oil they used in their dishes though.BIG NO-NO from me.

Pineapple rice.I've always liked it,but was totally annoyed that day when they used peanuts in it instead of the usual cashew nuts.

Mum ordered Thai Salad.Not my personal favourite choice but I guess it wasn't all that bad.

I had no idea why my dad wanted Fish&Chips here among the many dishes..but wth,It was good too. Fish?good.Chips?big and good.Sauce?good. =)

When you're done eating and you need to go to the loo,on your way there,you'll see this.This cute yellow mini "car"

And this.Barber chairs.Or for their workers to be lazy on =.=""

And this too.Wooden dressing table with what it looks like "ancient" handphones. Wouldn't want to be seen using them right now,would you? :)

And finally,you're in the washroom!Nothing very interesting.It's just a toilet anyway. But I what I don't get is the design of the washroom. Running "river" with transparent glass windows??Supposedly it helps in relaxing your bladder sphincter when u hear the sound of flowing water I guess.

I know.I can't help it.

Don't think this ferrari was part of the deco. Came here a week later and it was gone.

And now you know.WHy carwash?This is why.A two-in-one concept.It's not only a carwash.It's also a restaurant,aight. Get a carwash while you dine if you wish to. Or either one of them. Your wish =)

So for those of you back in Kuching,not sure where this is??Hint: Lot 211-214, Rubber Road,93400,Kuching, Sarawak.Do try this place!Let me knw how it was for u,aite. :)

After lunch,on the way back,I met with The Pharaoh. He was outside guarding a policeman's home. Was surprised to see this. Who would have thought of putting him outside his house.So random and utterly odd.If the owner of this house is reading this,no offense.

August sem break was highlighted by this. Thanks to Herman Jana Mulok!Thanks for informing me bout this herman.Not like he's reading this.but still,thanks herman! Destiny Conference 2009 was awesome.A real eye opener that in Kuching,there are still many who are on fire for Christ and want to make a difference in Kuching. When all these while I thought most Kuchingites only wanted to be known in church for their works,skills and what not.Not for their love in Christ Jesus and having the passion to serve Him and only Him. Attended Destiny without any friends frm my church,instead with friends I've never met,except for Kelvin Yii,who I don't usually talked with often but was ever helpful in giving a ride to and fro for the BCCK.Thanks Kelvin! Had great food served,met a few great people and most amazingly great sharing!!Speakers were Kevin Loo from City Harvest KL,Dr. Shan Ong,a paediatrician frm Australia, Bro. Kester Tay of EBC(i think!) and Andrew Yeo from Generations Band Singapore.

Ps.Kevin Loo.He even "taught" us in managing our finance! ;P

Pichas before the night session. Met Herman's juniors in Uni.From the left:Annastacia,Pauline. And Lydia at the far right,met her through Kelvin!Lovely,lovely people =)

Jon Chong performing one of his songs during the night session. Use your talents and gifts for God.Glorify His name and not for self pride. =)

And what's a holiday without meeting the BFF?!?!Had a night out with them at.......Carwash again. =P Couldnt think of anywhere else to go.So there,the same pineapple rice,this time with cashew nuts!Taste much better with them =)

TomYam Soup.I reckon it was rather good.At least better than those I've tasted in other restaurants in Kuching before. But I think my mum's TomYam is much much more yummy!hehhe

Thai Green Curry.All I can say is...NICE!!

The BFFs!!!EL,GRACE,CAROL!!!!!Miss u guys!Too bad the others couldnt join us since they weren't in Kuching. =S I seriously can't foresee a time where ALL of us could meet up at once!And that,my friends,sucks.PERIOD.

And finally,early Sept came,and it was time to head back to the island. The holiday has ended.Goodbye my room,Goddbye my tele,Goodbye car....And Hello lectures,Hello books,Hello Bali..Came back to Bali by Airasia and apparently Tony Fernandez's crew thought of this to lighten the atmosphere during flight. =.=" In-flight games.Actually,one game. Three volunteers were called.More like three forced volunteers were picked out to demonstrate the safety procedures given previously by the cabin crew.

The guy in white,from the Middle East and an Aussie guy,in brown with the khaki shorts.And Mr. Obama,tht's what he wants to be known as,sitting on the right.

Shots of the new "cabin crew" giving the demo. I think this guy did a rather good job. However,one of the stewardess told that Mr.Obama did the demo wrong,he had the life jacket the wrong way. At first,I really thought it was lame but it actually did change the atmosphere from the usual boring quiet flying hours.

And it was time.I landed in Bali.Bittersweet feelings.

Oh well,2 weeks later,I was back in Kuching during for the Raya Holidays!

muahahahhahhaaha............... =))))))

Thursday, 19 November 2009


I'm taking a short break from cleaning my room.Tired tired tired.Honestly it's been quite some time since I've last moved the tables,luggage and other furnitures lying ard to do some actual real cleaning!Heck.I even carried my bed upright to clean every single corner of the room!(it's low and has rollers on it =],so it wasn't much of a hassle )

The "Ouch" cause my ring finger(tht's the fourth one),hurts.Everytime I try extending it straight,it hurts like mad! Happened since yesterday but it didnt bother me much until today,where I had to move stuffs around,sweeping,mopping.....It hurts even as I'm typing now =( I'm thinking it's a sprain.But thing is,I've had this sorta pain before,right at the same finger. It can't be an early sign of arthritis,I isn't.I'm sure of it.ugh.

Yay!!!My parents are right now in LCCT waiting for their flight to BALI!!wootwoot!!Mum's cooking,bits and pieces of Kuching food,lil gifts frm Kuching(if any),I can't wait to meet ya!!Point is,I don't haf to cook!being slightly pampered!wakakakakaka...It's good to have parents visiting you,eh??And to my lovely friends in Bali...BOOYAA! =P lol! jahat'm joking guys,joking :)

Oh No.I'm hoping there'll be no naggings though.hahhaha..I've been cleanin the entire room,well,almost.And I hope my mum isn't gonna nag wif the cleanliness..hahahha Mum's a neat-freak,OCD with cleanliness!Even is she's sick,she still has to sweep and mop everyday. =.="" Oh room's clean enough.hmm...I wiped the windows,mopped,swept,etc etc etc!it shud be clean enuf rite?It would suck much if my mum's gonna change the bedsheet and pillow case and bolster case just as she arrive and see the bed when I just changed it minutes ago!

Oh crap.

Be right back.Gotta head back to the cleaning.Crap.

kinda neat rite?trust me,before this there were little islands of books and notes lying around on an unclean floor. =S

Finger still hurts.arrggh!

Don't get me wrong.I love my mum =)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Night Bird

Few nights ago, was the usual normal nothing-special-of-a-night.Oh wasn't night time,more like early morning..say 'bout 2-ish in the morning?FYI,I do not sleep early.not for a long time,anyway.I blame the endless nights of studying as it came nearer to exams. I blame my body and mind for not adjusting back to the normal cycle. I blame I blame I blame!That's not the point of this entry though.*knock me head*

Anyhuuu,was doing nothin, logging in the net while reading my current book, "Hello,Doggy" by Elaine Fox when suddenly I received a call from a friend stayin in a room above mine,Saras (short for saraswathy).

"Angel,come upstairs.There's a parrot la..come,come..faster.." (she said smth like dat )

I was curious and surprised..and know what I imagined???A HUGE FAT ASS white parrot...


Something like this!!

And at the same time, I wondered whtr will it attack anyone of us?since it's gonna huge!c'mon lar...PARROT WOR.......

So I went upstairs and walked towards my friend's room.As I was walking nearer and nearer looking out for the huge ass parrot tht was in my mind,it was nowhere to be seen, when suddenly I saw this white shadowy figure at the right side just few rooms away from my friend's,comfortably setting itself on the door latch...

Only then I realised it was the fowl my friend was referring to.And I was

My "huge big fat ass parrot" was this..........

"Big fat ass parrot",my foot! If my imagination was right in front of me, she deserves a big punch like in those Looney Toon cartoons! So there,our little Aves visitor for the night.

But this fowl sure do deserve a compliment for being tame and friendly.Of course not as friendly like a lil cute puppy licking ur hand,bt still, friendly.At least,it didnt attack us. And I dare say this bird could be a contestant in "The Most Photogenic Bird Ever!" If only I knew if It was a She or He,and if It was a She,then maybe she could join Mick Long's "Ms. Photogenic FB"!

Here's a few of her poses. She loves the camera, I tell u.Spotlight lover.haha

See?she loves the limelight... =P

I still don't know what sort of species that bird was.It didnt matter anyway. But I think we're all sure that it's not a parrot,eh? =) It was still pretty nonetheless..White with faint light blue shades at it's lower back and tail. A very pleasant unexpected visitor indeed....

It's not there anymore,though.I "smartly" wanted to make it move away frm the latch so that it wouldnt get hurt when my friend open the door,but I think it was shocked and finally flew away. =( Smart,eh?? =.=""

Alritey's late..for lunch.I'm starving..gotta fill my stomach with food. Chaoz~

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Japan it is!

Remember when I was still wondering between Japan and Melbourne??Well,apparently my elective programme in Japan will start in mid Jan.which means it'll end around mid Feb(it takes 1month).which also means I would not be able to go to Melbourne with my parents fro the family trip February next year.which now means my flight ticket to melbourne will b wasted.bugger. =S I was reli hoping I could make it to Melbourne,bt jus like what my mum told me"Win some,Lose some" =P Anyway,application form has been sent and I'm still waiting for a reply on a confirmed date. Will update soon.

Right now,my mum has been asking me "what do u need to bring thr?","how much to bring to Japan?","how many winter clothings should you bring?",blablablabla...

oh wait.Gotta pick out winter clothes.


I'm ACTUALLY gonna get winter clothings.

For actual WINTER fake snows and "shaved ice" occupying a room.WINTER SNOW!!


i think it just hit me tht I'm going thr.sorry =P

then again,u think there's a chance to b in melbourne after tht??hmmm....we'll see,we'll see...

*Lord,once again,thank you.*

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Last friday was not the kind of day I expect to have at all.Well,besides the monthly visit. =.=""" Wasn't felling well that day and I was curling up in bed,tossing and turning,trying to get my mind out of the uncomfortable feeling.Tilll......I received a text from a friend,Mei Yee...

"You and Anthony got selected for the specials studies in Japan."

When I read the text at first,it didnt sink in.I was "occupied" with sleeping and resting,trying to make myself feel better.It was definitely a shocking surprised.Why??For one,when I registered my name for it,I js did it without havin the hope and excitement thinkin and believing tht I'll get selected for it.Two,I was busy thinking of the family trip to Melbourne in Feb my parents had already booked.So it would be kind of a waste of the air ticket if I do go over to Japan.Three,I was sort of confident that I wouldnt go because it would be financially heavy after all the "health chaos" going around in my family.

After resting for a moment and finally realising that I really was selected,I msged my mum and talked wif my parents and we cahtted sumore after tht.And as we were talking,I realised what actually had happened. Thinking back what I prayed for and how I acted towards this whole special studies thingy..This caught me.

"You see?u didnt think and worry too much bout whtr u'll get the spot.And u continued doing wat u do daily without reli hoping and expecting and wanting it from the flesh.But instead,You honestly,reli honestly did pray 'bout it.Pray not to have it,but prayed to Me that if it is My will for you to go,you will go.And if you were not selected,that I will gif u peace and comfort so that you wouldnt fret and be disappointed bout it.But to follow according to My timing."

It was a moment of self realisation.In my heart,I was " tht's how it feels to try not worrying bout things and leave it all to God.And it works!He actually does something without our understanding,but His.and His timing." That's wat I got from my Friday.Till now,the whole "going-to-Japan" thing hasnt reli sunk in yet. Honestly,I dont knw what I'm feeling bout it.I'm happy and definitely feel blessed to haf been selected.But at the same time...speechless.This is all oh-so-SURREAL.

I'm not saying that I've perfectly mastered the attitude of not worrying at all.But this incident definitely made me climb up a step in the process. Right now,I'm still unsure of the date we're going to Japan,but I'm reli prayin and hoping that it wouldnt clash wif my family trip to Melbourne early Feb.and definitely for FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH!!!At this moment,these does sometimes worries me.well,ok,most times. =.="" I'm learning Lord!hehhe =P

We'll see how things go and what's gonna happen this coming few weeks.My mum said surely thr's gonna be a way and timing for me to go for both places if it is God's will,yea?He blessed me to be selected.Surely it wouldnt go to waste. =)


Right now,better just focus on studies and exams.

Hope some of you will be encouraged with this.Lotsa Love~

"Do not worry about tomorrow,for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it's own."-Matthew 6:34

Special studies in Japan is somewhat like an elective programme,studying in different departments be it in the BasicScience or Clinical Division.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Rooftop BBQ

Pending entry #2 =)

I think this happened last July.We had a barbeque on the rooftop in the building where my friends and I stayed and it was awesome!!We wanted to haf a bbq for quite some time now and it was after exam,so timing was perfect!And we also wanted to haf it partly because of our fren,Meng hon's belated birthday...Had LOTS LOTS and LOTS of food!!I was so so stuffed till I could actually feel my stomach was ready to explode!Not joking!!

Pics below will tell wat happened =)

Views from the rooftop.To my surprise,the view from above DOES look good.It was windy tht night making d weather perfect!

It was extremely dark if it weren't for the table lamps..hehe Bumch of them gettin the food ready to be barbequed,I think.Look at the moon above,full moon right above us.Beautiful,no?

This will look even better if the cloud weren't blocking part of the moon.

Some of the food we had.Stemed sweetcorns,bbqed sausages.The green vege was for the tomatoe macaroni soup Emmy and I made.Well,it was more of me js being the sous chef..hahha But I did a fair share of work cooking it! Oh yea,I think the red coloured thingy in the greyish blue bowl were watermelons.Had so much of all these.
Also had "homemade" garlic bread,chicken wings(of coz!!)We prepared two types of flavour for the wings,Black Pepper and Barbeque Sauce.Both so yummy!!And see that rectangular white cube?It's "omochi".Barbequed,Wrapped with seaweed and Dipped in soy sauce....My Favourite!!!I just love the texture of it,and the taste of seaweed!I'm a huge addict for Japanese food by the way..*beams* Each of us had UNcountable number of wings and garlic bread.And a HUGE bowl of macaroni soup!Super stuffed!!!

After eating,or at least taking a break frm eating,we gave Meng Hon his belated birthday gift.Gave him a coffee maker.One tht's way better than the one he had before this and it broke!Hmm...I wonder whtr he still uses it??R U USING IT,Meng Hon?????
After stuffing ourselves with non-stop supply of oh-so-glorious food,Meng Hon tried using the coffee maker the 1st time with "I-dono-who's-coffee powder-it belongs-to" coffee..We tried some,and it taste SUPERB.....................NOT!!!! =( well,tht was what most of them me it was ok.js bland ok.

Tht's it for now.Obligation #2 done. =) Wait up fr the nxt one aite!Want a piece of the garlic bread?