Monday, 12 October 2009

Rooftop BBQ

Pending entry #2 =)

I think this happened last July.We had a barbeque on the rooftop in the building where my friends and I stayed and it was awesome!!We wanted to haf a bbq for quite some time now and it was after exam,so timing was perfect!And we also wanted to haf it partly because of our fren,Meng hon's belated birthday...Had LOTS LOTS and LOTS of food!!I was so so stuffed till I could actually feel my stomach was ready to explode!Not joking!!

Pics below will tell wat happened =)

Views from the rooftop.To my surprise,the view from above DOES look good.It was windy tht night making d weather perfect!

It was extremely dark if it weren't for the table lamps..hehe Bumch of them gettin the food ready to be barbequed,I think.Look at the moon above,full moon right above us.Beautiful,no?

This will look even better if the cloud weren't blocking part of the moon.

Some of the food we had.Stemed sweetcorns,bbqed sausages.The green vege was for the tomatoe macaroni soup Emmy and I made.Well,it was more of me js being the sous chef..hahha But I did a fair share of work cooking it! Oh yea,I think the red coloured thingy in the greyish blue bowl were watermelons.Had so much of all these.
Also had "homemade" garlic bread,chicken wings(of coz!!)We prepared two types of flavour for the wings,Black Pepper and Barbeque Sauce.Both so yummy!!And see that rectangular white cube?It's "omochi".Barbequed,Wrapped with seaweed and Dipped in soy sauce....My Favourite!!!I just love the texture of it,and the taste of seaweed!I'm a huge addict for Japanese food by the way..*beams* Each of us had UNcountable number of wings and garlic bread.And a HUGE bowl of macaroni soup!Super stuffed!!!

After eating,or at least taking a break frm eating,we gave Meng Hon his belated birthday gift.Gave him a coffee maker.One tht's way better than the one he had before this and it broke!Hmm...I wonder whtr he still uses it??R U USING IT,Meng Hon?????
After stuffing ourselves with non-stop supply of oh-so-glorious food,Meng Hon tried using the coffee maker the 1st time with "I-dono-who's-coffee powder-it belongs-to" coffee..We tried some,and it taste SUPERB.....................NOT!!!! =( well,tht was what most of them me it was ok.js bland ok.

Tht's it for now.Obligation #2 done. =) Wait up fr the nxt one aite!Want a piece of the garlic bread?

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Discovery Walks & Pool Partay

Hey guys!!I know I've been constantly repeating myself that I'll post my pending entries. Just had an exam yesterday and it went reli well!!Practically slept the whole day today,did nothing,and I bet I'm not gonna sleep at all tonight.. =S Anyway,better start posting up my pending entries bout things happening in Bali last semester.So here's the 1st one.There's not gonna b lotsa words,more photo captions cause I'm just lazy to type now*winks*

Here's us in Kuta,i think it was after one of our exam,for our batch party.We usually haf a batch party once every semester.This time it was held in "Boardwalk",just beside Discovery Mall. We went to kuta earlier just to walk ard and hang out before the dinner party.I'll let the pics do the talkin =)

Walking in front of Discovery Mall,and as usual,lotsa tourists

What do u think he's guarding??

Sells condoms of all types,colours,taste and those "Made in China". When I saw "made in china",reli wondered will anyone buy them,considering news 'bout things made in! For those who have fetishes for those female japanese anime characters(and I'm guessing who r loners,hahah..jokes),if u wanna c them naked,head to "The Guard". Those for the kinky-hearted,various costumes are available.and I think they sell handcuffs too.. =S

Views of the mall inside

Pictures below are shots behind the mall.There's lounges,pub and restaurants behind the mall.And yes,there's a beach behind the mall.Great place to just chitchat,haf an ice cold beer if u like and just relax =)

I love this!Look how bright the sun is...