Sunday, 29 March 2009

Back Again....

It's sunday today....the LAST day of my 5 days holiday...Oh no...

We had holiday in conjunction with the Hari Nyepi(Silent Day) and Kuningan. I'm not so sure what exactly do the Balinese celebrate during Kuningan.Kinda forgotten but its basically some sort of a new year thingy in their Hindu calendar,whr Galungan and Kuningan Day marks somthing like the new year.In their calendar,1 whole year = 6months our normal calendar. Hari Nyepi was last thurs and Kuningan was last saturday.

Before the holiday started,I made a promise to myself that I'm gonna study and use my time properly. "I'm gonna finish studying the anatomy of appendicular skeleton this holiday..!!"hahhahahahahha...But somehow I kinda had the feeling deep down inside that I won't.......What did I do the pass couple of days???Basically "ALMOST" nothing.

A bunch of us went to the beach on wed for sunrise at Sanur Beach,which is 'bout 20mins frm my place.Woke up at 4am!Bloody Heck!And I onli slept at things ready,boiled and smashed some eggs with one eye closed,bath and took off at 4.30.Whn we reached,it was still dark(of course!),saw a couple of ppl there,some of them were starting to set up stalls at 5smth...Saying to myself "Why would i wanna c the sunrise now??why wanna wake up so blardy darn early during ur holiday????and we had nothing to do there since it was still dark and our othr frens was still not there.Ended up playin sum ball passing game,accompanied by a dog at d beach....And suddenly...SWISSHHH...*flap*flap*flap*...a BAT was flying encircling the 5 of us.and Maha was afraid till she did this weird-looking-like-a-hunched-old lady-walk.not as funny whn I'm tellin u,but man,it reli was!laughing and teasing her finally made me reli awake..hehhe At 5smth,could see the moon settling dwn with glimpse of sunrays in the was beautiful.couldn't wait to c the sun rise...

Othr friends finally came,went to the hut there and watch the sun rise..IT WAS GORGEOUS!!!all the waking up early,making sandwiches at 4am while sleeping...It didnt matter.It paid off!!!Dark sky turned blue with rays of yellow and orange...lurveee it..Some were tooooooo busy eating and chatting...u pigs!hehhe So only me,Maha and Saras took pics together with Mr.Sun..camwhoring XD
*Beatiful,isn't it?*

Finally,we all wen dipping and swimming!!!yay!!the waves were hitting at the right momentum.Not too harsh,not too lame..hhehe swam,talked,dipped and played in the sea for almost 2 and half hours...And the result??A TAN.ugh. Was enjoyin the swim till I'd forgotten that I get dark easily. :S Basically,saw the sun rise.Had fun.Went back at 11smth.bath and slept.Then day continued with sleeping,chatting,studyin,internet surfing.

Thursday:Hari Nyepi.Whr the whole pop in Bali aren't allowed to on their lights and be out of their homes.Since I'm here,I gotta follow these rules too.Its a day whr Hindus pray and meditate the whole day.Even the airport was CLOSE.No flights in or out.Didnt do anything much,studied and watched movie.One thing I love bout this day is u can see beautiful bright stars shining thru the dark sky(it reli was pitch black).I bet none of u could see that many stars back in M'sia. There were thousands of them.wish I could take a picture of it and show it here bt it wouldn't gif the stars justice.Pictures wouldnt show how pretty it was.
And thursday ended,here comes PLAIN OLD BORING FRI.only studied since I had to fin studying wat I had to study.Saturday was the same and even worse,I studied much less than the day before.I blame the mind that was unable to concentrate on that day.YES U,ANGEL'S MIND.*knock*knock*

And finally...sunday.(and also finally almost the end of this entry!)Couldnt go to church cz was not well.woke up reli late,wasted more than half a day,sleeping.went out with Maha for some basic shopping.and didnt reach my target.damn....and back to uni again,studying and lectures.its gonna be a loooonnngggg weeekkkk... )=

Hols over.And no,I didnt reach my target*slaps*and dats why the almost nothing.Guess that feeling was rite.ANATOMY IS JUST TOO MUCH TO STUDY AND ABSORB!! Tomorrow's so gonna be a better hardworking day.Gotta encourage meself.hehe Finally,I'm done here.Sori for the long entry..tata for now!

Back to sum serios studying....Aaarrggghhh!

Friday, 27 March 2009

My not-so-very-first first blog

Watching "Sister Act2",checking emails,thick anatomy books on the table and havin cuppa white coffee.MULTITASKING =)

All these while I type my not-so-very-first first blog =) Not my very first blog since I've done it a few years back.Twice.But never stayed on for long since lazy me was being,well,lazy. First as in the first blog in 5 yrs :S After 5 yrs,the urge of having my blog has emerge again.So here.My first blog entry.Another channel to express my thoughts,show interesting stuff and those that are not.Random things and those that aren't.In Bali,(I'm studying here), Kuching(I'm from here) and everywhere else. And also a page for u guys to give me tips or advice when I need some =) Hopefully,this time the procrastinating angel chong wont win,so that the lazy angel chong won't win, and may apaintedangel stays on for a really long time*crossed fingers*

Angel's blog to share what and how I paint on my very own canvas of life. *Hugs*hugs*