Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Matsumoto #3:Nakayama Community Centre

This was during my first week here,was in Sports Medicine and on Thursday,followed Mayuko(Dr.Mayuko now. Ph.D =) ) to Nakayama Community Centre to collect data from the participants of the interval walking training programme,one of Mayuko's research study,supported by Jukunen Taiidagaku,a non-profit organization.

Before I arrived,I expected tons of people at the centre.I was wrong.dead wrong.Instead of having many many elderly,there were not more than 10.I was actually worried not bein able to communicate with them becz of the language barrier. =S Just as Mayuko and I arrived,the participants were chatting away,sipping on hot japanese green tea and munching on titbits.We were invited to join and the usual process of answering questions started.Where are you from?How long in will you be in Japan?What's your name?yadayadayada...Of course it wasn't in english,Mayuko translated for me =) As we were talking,I noticed snacks I've not seen before.A few pickled titbits...I thought after collecting the data and munching,it was done..No,they had a short exercise training after that.I was like "Huh??You're exercising after food???"Oh well...

It was fun too!I noticed the participants are all very very young-at-heart =) And they looked really healthy considering their age..Exercises was done..Laughin was done..Byebye was done..Took pictures..And done.We went back to the department..I'm in the midst of bloggin but now,I gotta run.Thus,the hurry..Sorry guys.. =) Catch up soon!!!

Shake shake shake..Use those muscles!

One of the result from the participants..The smiling girl means their result is good

JD Mate,the device used to measure the interval exercises..intensity and all..

Lovely,aint it?

The young-at-hearts...

SNacks they had..

View of the building and surrounding it..

Chaoz...gotta run!loves!


Dewi again, yo. said...

You seem to hurry a lot!

Looks like you had some more fun with those elderly! Why do older Japanese people always seem so fit? (And where do they all get the energy and will from to exercise??? I'm young, and don't exercise, haha :D)

You know, those test results, it's one of those things I like about the Japanese. They put funny and cute pictures everywhere. Be it their commercials, products, train stations, even their supposedly serious stuff, like that form thingy.

That's some seriously strange snacks! I suppose they're healthy?
How're you liking the ocha, by the way? Do they really drink it with everything? Bitter, y/y?

What other departments are you going to?

I hope you have fun, take care ♥

~anGeL~ said...

hahha...yea,i've got to since I've always gotta go sumwhr else in the midst of bloggin..hehhe and yes!Japs are much fitter!well,in Matsumoto,they haf one of the highest stats of havin elderly ppl.much more than the lotsa programme like the interval walkin programme aims to increase their health further..and they're reli fit considerin their age..they exercise,they go HIKING during spring!and yea,it's kinda easy guessin whatever signboards they haf here cz they'll always haf pictures with it's much easier not to look like a lost idiot..hahha and the snacks?healthy stuff and yummy too!heheh for me,ocha's good bt nothin special cz I haf it quite often,bt they haf vending machines everywhere!every less than 50metres,u'll c vending's so great and convenient!

well,I was in molecular oncology department lst week,haf yet to update bout it.and now I'm in neurosurgery department wif antonny.I'll be in neuroplasticity next wk! =D

reeyau said...

so cute the org tua exercise.. next tiem whn we're old, we do dat k? hahaa

d red snacks look like it came out of someones body. eee..

~anGeL~ said...

ruth:hahhah so cute rite??of course we`re gonna do dat too..and even more!dah me n elly oredi say goin clubbin wif our grandchildren sumore...hahahahha and tht red thingy nice la..taste abit like rozelle.u knw wats tht?

BTW,ppl..I made a mistake..the pickled vegetable isnt called Nobuzawana,it`s Nozawana.. ;)