Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Matsumoto #1

This is gonna be a short quick update about being here in Matsumoto,Japan.I mean real short and quick.

Travelled by ThaiAirways from Singapore to Bangkok.

My Hindi Meal,they called it.

Any selection of your choice of entertainment.Problem for me was my screen kept gettin jammed up =/

And your choice of alcoholic beverages were provided.See that stewardess there?She's really sweet and damn right pretty =)

After long hours of waiting and sleeping,finally....Nagoya!!Loved this view =) But it wasnt the end....

After my briefing about our stay here,lunch,then a tour around the university,campus and hospital site..finally to my room.It's alike a hotel room.I have to change rooms though..btwn 3 rooms.2 with attached shower and 1 without.

I gotta head out for lunch now...Here are some of the bento meals I had the past week.Other pics will come soon :)

Chaoz~ love love love =)

p/s:Went to Osaka to visit Universal Studio last sunday and it was fun.Update about it later :) There are pics of it in fb though ;)

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