Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Matsumoto #2:Sports Medicine

It's been 13 days since arriving here...Arrived here on Sunday,Jan 17th and my elective programme was gonna start the very next day.My elective programme consists of 4 different department each week.My first week was in the Sports Medicine Department....And I LOVE LOVE LOVE BEING THR!!!Of course,being a stranger in the department led me feeling a lil shy.My programme coordinator,Prof.Maki brought me to the department on Monday,met Prof.Nose(Nose Sensei,I call him) and was introduced to the people in that department.

"Yoroshiku-Onegai-Shimasu" was the first thing I said to Nose Sensei as I gave him a small bag of gifts after being introduced to him.It's a phrase to say when greeting and thanking someone where you are gettin/learning/asking a favour from that person.We then had a short briefin of what's gonna happen that week and I had to introduced myself and tell why I'm interested in that department.Almost every single one of them are active in sports I tell ya!Soccer aka. football,42km marathon,Kendo(Japanese fencing),blablabla...they're reli active ppl!Anyway....I was led to my own office space by Shizue,one of the assistant professors.I shared the same room with her and another assistant professor,YoshiIchiroKamijio,I simply call him Ichiro after a famous baseball player.

My own lil space

My first day there...Shizue explained some of the research and studies they were doing..and still doing..She explained her study,which involves mice,to compare the role of baroreflex control and the central pressor in heart rate.She also explained another study about effects of interval walking programme to the middle-aged and elderly done by Mayuko.Discussed and discussed and asked and asked...Then it was lunch time!=) After that,Shizue brought me to the experiment lab to observe her experiment....

See those boxes thr?There's a mouse in each box.They had their head cut open to insert electrodes to check their cerebral blood flow,and needle underneath their skin to detect bp and so forth.Poor lab rats.

Some of the equipments in the lab.

Last tuesday,I did my own VO2 peak test,a test to measure my maximum oxygen consumption. I was brought into the climate chamber room where they had bicycles,ECG,BP sets,n whole lot of other stuff.The temperature of the room was at 28degrees with a pressure of 718atm.I had to use a mask connected to the spirometer(a device which measures my O2 level) and all these things attached to me,cycled maintaining 60rpm against which increased every 3 minutes. I managed to continue for onli16minutes.The last minute was hell!It felt like my thigh muscles were gonna pull out from my bones!After results were taken,graphs were made and I compared my fitness level with other subjects as well.From the graphs,workload could then be calculated,which in turn means you can calculate your kilocalorie output.It was definitely interesting :)

Shizue puttin on the blood pressure cuff.

My reading as one point.

I felt like a lab!

Then on Thursday,I went to Nakayama Community Centre in the morning(But I'll tell about it in the next post..hehe ) and in the afternun,one of the researcher in the department,Shige had to present his paper to lotsa ppl in town and I went as well.Which meant that I could go to town for abit!Shizue and I took the bus after lunch,and she brought me to this bakery-like shop.It sells all sorts of cakes and japanese traditional sweets.Most of them looked to pretty to be eaten,though.

Dorayaki!!!Yummy!!They told me these dorayakis from this shop was one of the good ones!Filled with red beans content.YUM!!Look at the price for each...... =.=""

But the main reason Shizue brought me to town was to try the ice cream here.You don't have to do anything.Wait for Mr.Ice Cream Robot to get them for you =) Slot in a coin given by the cashier,pick your size,medium or large..It moves to your command.....

And voila!!!Huge fat-ass ice cream!!Creamy!Rich!Wafer cone was crispy!Halleluyah!Halleluyah! =P
They have different flavour each day too..Mine was strawberry..But it didn't taste like the ones back home.It tasted like it had a mixture of Fro-Yo and fresh strawberry. =)

Then we head on to the presentation.I was sleepy after that though*winks*

I did the same thing on Wednesday and Thurday.Following Ichiro on his experiments about the effect of Sports Drink.It was interesting but the waiting time was a lil bit boring at 1st,since I just observe.After awhile,I got to take urine sample(no big deal,I knw..But still,at least I got to do smth.. =P ) It was great also because I got to refresh my understanding about the circulation system from Ichiro,he asked questions that got me thinking alot.I loved it!

Ichiro(in orange) and the subject on Friday,Takake.A very nice lad too =)

After experiment on Friday,I get to check my own Hematocrit,Hemoglobin and Plasma Protein level.It wasn't as much excitement compared to observing an operation 1st hand,bt still new.At least I know how ppl do it =) Lotsa centrifuger and flame spectrometer and hand refractrometer..blablabla..point is,lotsa expensive equipments.

Shige,checkin the light absorption of the subject's hemoglobin.I did this with my blood too.

Reading my hematocrit level.

Friday finally came and it was my last day in the Sports Medicine Department.I love the people there and how much they're willing to share and teach.Nakajima-san,the secretary of the department was so so so so sweet!She asked Shizue to pass me this lil bear,they call kooma(Not sure of the spelling) when I was not there.I was touched!Like Seriously!

The amazing ppl in Sports Medicine.I miss being there.
Back row,from left:Dont rmbr his name,Ichiro,Mayuko,Shige
Front row,from left:Shizue,me,Nose Sensei,Genno-san

And as usual,more pics in fb :) This week,I'm posted in Molecular Oncology Deparment.No comment.yet.Till next time!xoxo

I need to get lunch.hungry.

p/s:I'm going skiing this saturday!


Dewi (I think you know which one, yeah?) said...

Looks like you're having fun :D

Still cold there? Ah... Eating ice cream when it's cold, isn't that weird? Haha!

It's 'kuma', by the way. It simply means 'bear' in Japanese.

I like that you keep updating, it's fun to read as well ♥

~anGeL~ said...

hey dewi!haha of course I which one..yeapsy,knw the meaning,jst don knw the spellin of it..hehehe and the ice cream?it's awesome!it taste so damn good u wouldnt care what season it is!hahha and thx fr the compliment.. :)) I've got TONS to update about but not enough time.. :S and how r u doin?
p/s:how'd u find my blog anyway?curious..hehe

Dewi said...

Heya, back again :D

Things are okay around here, thanks for asking. Nothing special going on, though. Just had last KKR two days ago (yay!), so lazing around at home right now...

Btw, that photo totally made me want to have some really good ice cream... *drools*

I actually knew about your blog since ages ago. I know of Aeris' and Menghon's as well - don't visit them that often, though. Well, since it's been such a long time, I'm not really sure, but I think I was bored one day and googled Nana's full name. I believe you posted something with her name once last year, right? Kinda creepy, I know - but that's the internet for you.

Hope you'll be able to update soon (with lotsa pics!) :D See ya.

~anGeL~ said...

Dewi:Lol...I js had the ice cream yesterday!Bt it was milk flavour,I much preferred the strawberry one.Oh..didnt knw you knew we blogged..hahha oh yea,did a post for her bday last yr,bt i don think she saw it though..hahaha and yes creepy cz y were u googling nana up anyway????*BLURRRRR* hahhaha

Thx dewi!I reli wanna update my blog this week!!BUT apparently i cant in the department I`m in doesn`t allow me to use my own laptop,so it`s sort of a hassle to update it usin theirs.. :S soon soon!hehehe btw,do I haf your fb??