Sunday, 4 April 2010

Blogging mistakes =P

Well I know that I've not been posting up any new posts about what had happened ever since Japan,and I do feel awful for not updating my blog for MONTHS!!

Till now,I ashamely(heck,is there a word like this???) admit that I haf approximately EIGHT(8) pending posts!!!!!!!*malu,malu* =(

And now that I am driven to feel bad for not updating this blog by a few,I remind myself almost everyday to update this..unfortunately I'm not allowed though.WHY??Because "Koass" aka "Dokter Muda" has finally start and my time now is better put to use for resting after being on duty in the ward or studying(though I'm not doing that that much.YET). "Dokter muda" is they call us here in the hospital,direct translation meaning "Young Doctor",which is medical student doing their practicals in the hospital,like me :)

Thus there's lesser time for updates.Sure, I've been told more times than not to terminate my blog,but I assure you that I will post up about what I've been usual,the what,where,who and what not.

Pending posts consists some of the following events:
  1. My elective programme in Matsumoto, Japan
  2. Chinese New Year back home (I missed out on reunion dinner!!MAJOR BUMMER!!)
  3. Bali for a mini graduation from my theory yrs in The Faculty of Medicine
  4. Back to Kuching(AGAIN!!),but something MAJOR happened on the way there
  5. Bali for "Perlantikan Dokter Muda" and orientation
So I urge you.YES,YOU!!please please please please,Be patient with apaintedangel.Pretty please?????*puppydogeyes* Don't give up on reading here,kay? ;) Though I'm guessin that I do not have lotsa readers,but yea,I'm seeing this in a positive! I'm wondering whether there's people reading this...................

oh crap. =P


Anonymous said...

at last, a new entry!
Good luck..Doc! hehe

Anonymous said...

me me me johannes hahahahahaha first time in ur blog