Sunday, 14 February 2010

Have a great Chinese New Year!!Raawwwrrrr!

I'm finally back in Kuching!(again,again..hehe)My first step onto the ground of Kuching International Airport never felt this sweet! =)

After long flying hours,often having immigration check-ins and check-outs,having airports as my home for one and a half day and most of all missing out on REUNION DINNER(bleh!),I am home!

The short one month in Japan was fun,new and interesting,and many times I didn't even feel like leaving.But being home is simple bliss at the moment!

Kuching friends,Kuching food,Kuching room,Kuching's CNY...HERE I COME!

LOADS to make up for missing out on the reunion!

Happy Chinese/Tiger New Year Everyone!It's gonna be an awesome year!

And since it's also February 14th,a day where most are warm in their beloved's arms,fuzzy-wuzzy,lovey-dovey and all that's about love.Happy Valentine's Day!

Have you told your love ones(and I don't mean only lovebirds ok!) "I Love You"??

Please do. =)

P/S:Updates about Japan will continue after this.


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Crazy.Souled said...

Happy New Year, Angel!